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About the "Tribal Dude"

Robert PowellTribal Dude focuses on bringing percussion instruments to Lake Worth and West Palm Beach, Florida. We sell bamboo didgeridoos, teak didgeridoos, modern didgeridoos and a variety of djembe drums, hand percussion instruments, and tribal jewelry.


The logo for Tribal Dude was Robbie's first tattoo, located on his left arm. We gave it a little more attitude and that's our "tribal dude".


The history of this venture is a fun one! Robbie has been playing the Djembe and other African percussion instruments for over 15 years. He picked up the didgeridoo in 2000.

"While on Furthur Festival Tour many years ago, I met a guy in Venice Beach California that was making modern didgeridoos out of PVC. He hitched a ride in our Volkswagen Bus "the Cosmic Camper" and proceeded to sell didgeridoos on tour with us. He taught me the necessary techniques to manipulate the plastic accordingly and apply the beeswax mouth pieces. When we dropped him off after 6 shows I then started to make these modern, fire-etched didgeridoos. I caught a bit of flack from the naturalist hippies about them not being eucalyptus or some other wood, which made me giggle as they swilled their cheap beer and smoked their Phillip Morris cigarette in a judgmental manner. (Now, we sell those too!)

Skip ahead twelve years... We had a "dirty santa, yankee swap, white elephant" whatever it is called, party at our home church. My wife and I had no idea what to take from our home and wrap for this occasion. I then remembered I had one of my first didgeridoos I made laying in my yard for many years. Soooooo... I slightly cleaned it and wrapped that puppy up for the night's festivities. To the surprise of my wife and I, the Didgeridoo was the hit of the night as far as gifts go. The excitement around the didgeridoo gave me the idea - "Hey, we should start making these again!" We started selling them at local events all the while having a "date night" with my beautiful wife Christina. Once again to our surprise we sold quite a few. Every week after we have sold more didgeridoos and people expressed the interest in purchasing hand drums. Tribal Dude was born! We are trying to meet the need for local percussionists.

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